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About Vibrant Landscaping

This venture began to unfold when our kids would bring plants home from school after the local plant nursery would visit. They always wanted to see their little plant grow into something we could eat. We always kept flower beds going at home, but now...a vegetable garden?? Hmmm …  vegetable garden...Let's just see where this take us.  Then one year out of the blue, our youngest answered the call of his school needing parent volunteers to help with ground beautification for an upcoming community contest being held in a few of days.  He very proudly stated "My Dad can do it! He does our yard all the time!" With no time to spare my wife and 6 kids sprang into action sprucing up the grounds, building planter boxes for flowers and a vegetable garden for the school.  Although the school didn't place that year, they gained honorable mention for getting the job done in a short time. Our work got noticed and for a few years we were asked to volunteer at each of our kids' school helping with grounds beautification. Finding I really had a knack and a love for landscaping....Vibrant Landscaping launched in 2010.

A little about me...

I'm a family man; Married 20 years to a beautiful "Georgia Peach" and father of six brainiac kids. With one sharing the same passion for landscaping as I do.  Although I was born and raised up north in the city, I got my knack for planting from my parents who are originally from the Islands. As we all know with city living there's not a lot of space for planting large gardens but my dad and mom made the best of what their "little patch of heaven" had to offer.   Growing up, my parents always adorned our yard with beautiful flowerbeds, planter box gardens and the lawn was plush with the greenest grass.  I guess you could say I got my skills for landscaping from them.  After marring and settling down in Atlanta, My wife and I (soon our kids) began transforming our lawn. Little did my wife know that I had a love for big open spaces and gardening.  She would tease about buying and farm and moving me there so I can be free to dig and plant all I want.  She jokes that I'm a really a "country boy stuck in a city boy's body".  I say she's right!  I find joy in Earth Keeping and if there is a calling for it, then this is surely mine.

Planter Box Flowerbed
Curbside Flowerbed
Flowerbed with pathway
I'm an image title.
Floral bed
Potted Flowres
Spiny Cactus
Potted Cactus
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